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We are manufacturers of Nylon & Polyester Screen Printing Fabric, Textile chemicals like Caustic proof enamel, cold catalyst (fast lacquer), Photo emulsion for flat bed and rotary screen, rotary engraving material etc.

Nylon Screen Printing Fabric is made from mono and multi-filament yarn of suitable Denier (particularly for textiles) according to the requirement.  But now-a-days mono-filament yarn is used for making screen printing fabric.  However, owing to following limitations and disadvantages, it is not preferred.

Because of elasticity in the yarn, the fixing of the design will not remain proper after some printing length.
Production length is very difficult to achieve.
Nylon (rather sensitive to acids) will be attracted or dissolved by acids (depending upon concentration and 50temperature).  Many textile printers, therefore, have switched over to Polyester fabric for screen printing.
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