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We are manufacturers of Nylon & Polyester Screen Printing Fabric, Textile chemicals like Caustic proof enamel, cold catalyst (fast lacquer), Photo emulsion for flat bed and rotary screen, rotary engraving material etc.

Decades ago, in textile industry, wooden engraved blocks were used for fabric printing.  The same type of printing and processing still continues to exist in some part of India.  However, it has certain typical problems like :-

Limitations of designs
Inaccuracy in printing,
Fixing of design.  Hence, the need for an alternative for printing was felt.

Even the cheaper stencil fabrics, used to some extent for screen-printing of textiles, are all of multi-filament i.e. multiple-strand yarn.  Similarly, the natural silk-screen fabrics formerly used almost exclusively in screen-printing fabric, whether or polyamide or polyesters are all woven from mono-filament i.e. single-strand yarn.


The designs used to be traced on butter paper.  The cloth to be printed used to be mounted on wooden frames and the design on the fabric was exposed in the sunlight.  However, with the advent of technology, many advance machines are now available for this purpose.

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